New sports addedd in Olympics
Surfing, Karate, Sport climbing, Baseball/softball

In every Olympic event few new sports are being shelved in and out based upon International Olympic committee(IOC) decision. While Rio Olympics 2016 saw inclusion of Golf and Rugby seven, Tokyo Olympics 2020 will introduce few more new sports. Breakdown of Zika Virus, cunctation and massive overrun on construction, debris among the waterways were the major setbacks experienced during Rio Olympics 2016 just before 50 days of its commencement. Similarly, during this Olympic season when only 47 days are remaining the world is battling through fourth wave of COVID-19. Let’s keep our hopes high for the onset of Olympics 2020.


To boost the game worldwide International Surfing Association(ISA) has designed the selection process in accordance with IOC ensuring the participation of the best surfers around the globe. The stakes are high for the Brazilians, Australians and Kanoa Igarashi competing from Japan.


  • Tsurigasaki beach


This cool sports will take place within two categories

  • Park – take place in hollowed out bowl for spin and tricks.
  • Street – course of rails, stairs and benches.

USA, Brazil, Japan and Portugal are countries that will be in tough competition with each other.


  • Ariake urban sports park.

Sport climbing

In Olympic sport climbing, athletes will go over a wall dotted with holds of varied shapes and sizes. The competition will include

  • speed – to climb the 50ft wall as fast as possible.
  • bouldering – scaling a number of fixed routes in given time interval.
  • lead – climb as high as possible in given time interval.

USA and Japan are two countries to watch out for.


  • Aomi sports park


Popular Asian and western countries karate is also introduced for the first time in Olympics 2020 and will be divided into two categories

  • Kata – solo form of karate
  • Kamute – sparring

The bets are on the athletes from Spain, Japan, Turkey and China.


  • Accorhotels arena sports hall


These games are reintroduced after 2008 Olympics at Beijing. Although these two games are similar but softball is more action packed with more hitting and shorter innings. Baseball is the national game for Japan and team Japan is ranked number one in softball, which makes this country the best contender for both sports.

Australia, Japan, Mexico, Canada and Italy are among the top rivals for this sports.


  • Yokohama stadium.


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