My mind is always on a run weaving dreams that challenges me to work harder every day and the changes are now visible, there used to be a time when I was unable to run for 1.5 Km continuously in Hauz Khas district Park(May 2019) . This garden keep you mesmerized you in all the seasons where half portion is mud track and remaining half is covered with solid rectangular kota stone.

As there was no competition or time restriction I have imposed on myself when I started to run but I was aiming for 45 minutes of continuous jog. In the beginning I was not carrying any watch with me, rather I was focusing on completing three rounds and within two-three months I was able to run three rounds daily in May-June.

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Running a marathon is not just an event to win or to run fast, humans are made to run slow and enjoy the journey. Running is a platform where you meet people who are determined about their life and know what they want and when you want something you have to give out all you have. During these runs we get to know how much we have inside us and how much more we can go. Running is a way to enhance your will and overcome your limits. This was my first marathon(42km) and before that I have not run any 5k, 10k, 21k or 42k officially, but I have been training from 6 months and when I started to run in deer Park I had to stop three times to complete a track of 1.5km but gradually started to run for 30 mins without stopping and then later used to run for one hour without stopping and maximum I ran for 1.5 hours. During this marathon I started on a very low pace and gradually pick up the pace as required by my body and after finishing around 5k I met Mohit Singh Jada (running 42k 2nd time) from Kota whom I met in the bus when we were heading to start point and we ran the entire race together at same pace enjoying, laughing, cheering and motivating other runners and after covering 35k we came across Kanika Singh from Jaipur who was running first in female category and coincidentally our numbers were 4218, 4219 & 4220 . I run so that I can travel more and meet new people who amidst these consumerist market thrive on the tracks and trails. All this was possible due support of my mother 🙏 N.B.Singh, father V.K.Rao and my relatives and my super crazy friends who always teach me something better in life. While running we (me and Jada) never let any doubt to reside in our mind about finishing the race and always maintained a positive mindset to complete the run and maintained a constant easy pace. This event was organized by Indian army to celebrate Vijay Diwas and as expected everything was well organized and under control. And special thanks to Mr. Vishwas Sindhu for organizing this event with Indian army and my project director Col. P.K.Chaudhary for granting me leaves . . #runnershigh #minimalist #tracks #trails #border #journey #getoutside #getfit #42km #indianarmy

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As I was running daily I also added swimming on alternate days along with gym. I have flexible hours at office that I compensated in these activities. By mid September my life was revolving around running, swimming, gym and office on weekdays and on weekends I used to visit my hometown and used to go for running and gym.

Gradually I used to run for one hour and I registered for 42.2 km full marathon in October end at Jaisalmer and I was mentally and physically ready for it but there were two factors that contributed that day. By this time I have never ever run more than 90 minutes.

Two Restrictions

  • Mental Barrier
  • Physical Barrier

Although I was mentally prepared for that race but I was unaware of how my body will respond towards it and how it as I have not attempted any kind of race earlier. This was my first take on such activity and I was totally willingly unaware about it.

Similarly I was unaware about how will my body will carry itself for entire stretch. As I was rigorously testing my body for entire six months I was physically ready to complete the race.

Race Day

This race was dedicated to soldiers of Indian Army and was being organized as a tribute to battle of Laungewala at Jaisalmer city which hosts the only living fort in world hence a fort where king resides with his kingdom inside the fort. This race was organized by Mr. Vishwas while the army extended its services in facilitation of refreshment after every 5 kms.

We all reach to Himmatgarh Palace that Is 6 Km from Jaisalmer city and then headed to Jaisalmer War memorial which was the starting and end point of our marathon. As scheduled the race started at 7 am and weather was extremely supportive fluctuating between 8-10 degrees. While on the ride from Himmatgarh to War memorial I get to know other runners out of which one was Mohit Singh Hada who was running his second marathon.

In the beginning of race I started at a very slow pace at the very last observing everyone’s enthusiasm and posture while preparing myself mentally for the race. Within 5 Km I was ahead of few fellow member while gradually increasing my pace and then I came across Mohit who had put on the music on his mobile while I was not even carrying my mobile phone nor any digital watch just a casio analog time watch. After covering few miles we hydrated and fueled ourselves with electrolytes, gatorade, chocolates, oranges and bananas.

While running we motivated other marathoners whom we cross by and decided to complete race together as our mindset and running speed match quite well. Indian army made special arrangements by diverging the entire traffic and we enjoyed the trek to ourselves while munching miles, the route they chose was entirely plain where an individual can run on both the road or the trail beside it.

I felt very relaxed after covering the half distance and to reward myself I had a chocolate, a glass of electrolyte one more glass of gatorade and was feeling mentally and physically strong about race completion. After covering 30 km we came across Kanika Singh who was leading in female section and co-incidentally our numbers were also sequential 4218, 4219 and 4220, we three run few miles together. It was after 35 Km we started to feel heaviness in body and our rest frequency hiked up.

In the last few miles although I developed a slight pain in the right ligament of knee, by this time I was still pushing myself and Hada to run but he was insisting on much of walk but after slight motivation he again started running. As we saw the end point our adrenaline level shoot up and we completed this amazing race with high spirits under 4.10 hrs.

This race meant a lot to me as it was not just a marathon for me it was a big leap from my past to my present where I always belonged, as I love to play for the love of sports and sportsmanship. Many more to come.


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