In 2014 during summer vacation I used to swim in evening and hit the gym in morning and one unlucky day while I injured my left shoulder while performing biceps curl and exhausted it with swimming sessions, the result was complete bed rest for 15 days along with medications and physiotherapy. As my collage resumed I went back to Shimla and within few days a severe pain developed and I again started medications and used to tie bandage across back and shoulder while riding bike, after two such incidents my shoulder got stabilized but i was still not able to lift weights due to less thrust exerted by my left shoulder.

Due to persisting uneasiness in my shoulder I visited another physiotherapist in Shima and still there was no such relief. By 2016 I again joined the Gym at HSR layout in Bangalore for 9 months and In 2017 I came to Delhi from Bangalore and used to maintain general fitness doing cardio and running and in Jan,2019 while I threw my heavy speakers during fight with my friend the deltoid muscle also got injured while I saw many chiropractic videos I wanted to try it myself and I went to Blessing Chiropractor and Sports injury clinic in June 2019.

Upon reaching the clinic in Defense colony firstly Mr. Asif Naqvi inspected my hand and identified the source of pain. So my treatment was executed in three steps-

  • Softening of shoulder muscles by applying warm cloth for 10 Mins
  • Acupressure for 10 mins
  • Fixing the bones of shoulder and back

12 days has passed since the first visit to clinic and the pain that was due Gym and swimming has decreased a lot and now only front deltoids are remaining.

As my prescription I was given a dosage of Tendocare and Ruthoheal for 15 days.

Clinic is situated just beside the main road and the car can be parked nearby, staff is welcoming and Mr. Asif Naqvi is trained professional having a experience of almost 22 years in sports injury field.

Thanks and get better!!!!


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