Getting your honda CRV to be serviced can be quite costly if its done in an authorized honda showroom. I owned Honda CRV 2.4 AT (AWD) and the beast never let me down on road and there was no issue with alignment and engine, automatic engine is so smmoth and silent and car is very spacious with sofa like recliner seats that you want to make it your second home. I have been using this car for daily commutaion and travelling to my home on weekends from Delhi to Alwar which is approximately 150 km. Dual air conditioning works amazingly fast and cools the car evenly, CRV also provides extra large boot space ewhich can also be used as bar(check image) it is very eeficient MUV as 7.5KG machine can also be adjusted in it with five pesssanger. Being a minimilist i used this car to shift my luggage from one rom to another while working in Delhi.

As this car belongs to luxurious segment it requires proper care which involves balanced air pressure in tire, engine oit to be topped at every 6 months and regular checkup of brake oil and coolant, also this car is heaviest in its segment so wheel balancing and alignment need to be adjusted every 2000 km. I have been using this car on every terrain its all wheel drive (AWD) engages swiftly as per road conditions, CRV provides superb ride quality as i coverd Delhi-Pushkar trip and Delhi-Kasol trip without break journey and its riding position makes you feel like a commander on road and you are sure you are not geeting involved in an acccident.

This car is complete packege and its sunroof adds terrific charm to it, which lets you enjoy the cold breeze during long night rides and rains in desert and snow in mountains. CRV size is similar to other seven seater cars in its segment, but it offers only sitting capacity of 5 people, which makes this car very spacious for rear pessangers too, it achieves speed of 160 km/hr without any pressure being felt under the hood, but braking is not crisp.

This car comes loaded with many features:

  • View from outside is full of arcs and creases
  • Internal design is very elegant and appelling
  • Gear shifter is placed at center below dash, very comfy position
  • Foldable back seats
  • Free space for bags below shifter
  • 2.4 liter, 4 cylinder engine producing 166HP
  • Enhanced AWD with stability control sends power to wheel where needed the most
  • Comfortable ride quality
  • Dual air conditioner
  • 4 airbags
  • Audio control on steering
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Honda CRV does comes with universally appealing interior design, while exterior doesnt pleases everyone. Ride quality of CRV is comfortable but not punchy. CRV does not provide great performance as it is emphasized on comfy and smooth rides and offers fuel economy, while it stands out on top in safety features.


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