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I am not attracted to high end shoes and neither I have tried any of Nike’s and Adidas pro range, although I want to try but for now I am using Kalenji easy comfort model priced around 4K. I am running on alternate days 75/90/120 minutes wherein last quarter of the time is spend running on hard pace. Similarly, Bike sessions are subdivided into 120/180/180 minutes, where entire track is covered on easy pace.

Today for the first time I tried “Barefoot running” inspired by its benefits mentioned in the book “Born to Run” by Christopher McDougall. As It is said it is just very natural to run barefoot, being said I felt the same as running shoes are products of new R&D for lucrative purpose, earlier there were no advance technologies that enhanced any human or animals running techniques.

So how is it possible that people who hunt in jungle don’t get injuries while people who run on tracks and pavements are so much prone to injury. As I am a recreational runner who is very high on recreation these days tried barefoot running today.
Barefoot Running

Firstly I jog for 60 minutes and then during a hydration break I decided to try barefoot walking. The track on which I run is a 2 km trek with very small pebbles which are not to be worried upon. As I begin there was a certain swiftness in my walk with smooth transitions and an ecstatic feeling as I never thought I will walk barefoot. I started by walking in grass for first 10 minutes and then went on normal track.

After a walk for 30 minutes I again put on my shoes and jog confidently for last 30 minutes. And end the workout with 60 pull ups and chin ups.

The reason may differ but nowadays most of the runners are recreational runners who independently made a choice to compete or keep themselves fit and take some time out of the day to RUN, while ancient people and animals were dependent on their hunting abilities so they can’t afford injuries, as hunting was their only way to sustain in an ecosystem.

Running in shoes is same as working with a gloves on our hand, we are able to perform every action but without the real touch. For now I feel it is really better to wear shoes it surely help avoid external injuries and for some days it is better to train barefoot as it will surely enhance the natural movement of feet.

I will keep on posting about barefoot running and my other workout regimes.


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