Ironman Goa 2019

In the midst of economic war yet again nature has aligned humans for their betterment, a lot has been reversed to entire humankind in their own way. This is a much needed pause for us questing our existence, prioritizing our essentials, living in a routine, fighting through the boredom. Everything is lying out there, we are not just comfortable enough to get out, since everyone fears loss of dear ones. Neither bike rides are fun nor the garden to run while pools have being shut down, suddenly the life is at halt with a jolt, what might be a dream for many now wants to wake up. The parallel powers are balancing the death counts and people who are least affected are the ones who have strong minds. We as humans have tendency to evolve and with time again we have proved it. Enough resources have already been depleted from the core to fuel the researches worldwide, more research needs to carried out on alternative subjects. Renewable resources utilization can significantly opens up wide array of areas for studies. This is a period of uncertainty wherein the chances of eliminating the mass effect of pandemic are higher compared to its longevity. Leaving behind a bundle of questions and unheard stories of unseen scars will amend the way in which humans are willing to evolve relative to the highest powers bestowed to us in the food chain. Life is an unpredictable journey where we constantly thrive to chase down our dreams and with time and dedication move on to next one, similarly in triathlon an athlete completes his race disregard of the time rather enjoying the every moment of it and I have tried to capture this very essence of the game in this video.


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