Right now I’m 29 years old and involve rigorously in run, bike, swim and gym on morning and evening alternatively. I have participated in a 42 km marathon and currently preparing for Ironman 70.3 which was supposedly to held on April 25th, 2020. Unfortunately the event has been cancelled due to Covid-19.

I began running in May 2019, prior to that I was lifting weights. In my entire career I have not been on steroids and had been involved in all kind of outdoor activities. Football was my primary game till 2008 and then I was attracted to lifting weights and never missed leg days. In 2014 I had an injury in ligaments connecting back muscles. The condition was so severe that even if I was sleeping, next day my arm used to fall down by itself, I was not able to lift and had to pop in muscle relaxants to keep up. Though I visited several doctors none of them were able to properly address the problem.

Even today I can’t exert full force due to this injury and there is sudden noise when I rotate my shoulder. So keeping in mind I didn’t wanted the same thing happen to my right knee and consulted the physiotherapist in Delhi.


As I started to run in May 2019 I enrolled in a 42 km marathon which was to take place on December 15th 2019. When I started I was not even able to run for 1.5 km continuously so I gradually increased my stamina and started to run for 30 minutes. At this time I was more involved in increasing my running time rather than considering the distance. I attended the Goa Ironman 70.3 in November 2019 and enrolled in 42 km marathon as I returned to Delhi from Goa.

By this time I was swimming for one hour in loops and NEVER run more than 90 minutes till marathon. And have never participated in any 5 km, 10 km, 21 km or any 35 km event, though I used to run 7-8 km daily.

Race Day

I was mentally and physically ready as I wanted to experience the marathon which was held at Jaisalmer on Army day. I started on a very slow pace and ran at last as long as I could and with time I gradually attained my pace and within first 30-40 minutes some runners were left behind me and then I met Mohit Singh Hada who belonged from Kota and was running for the second time, judging his gesture, pace and non-stop songs on his mobile we decided to complete the marathon together.

We were able to keep up our pace till 35 km and after that we extended our breaks but didn’t walked. It was after few more kilometres I felt stretching sensation in outer area of my right knee but I still completed my race well under 4hrs 10 mins running till the end.

I resumed running one week after marathon and felt a slight pain at same place in the knee, while the situation got worse around Jan 15th, 2020 and I booked an appointment for Jan 27th. After diagnosis I was informed of an injury in the right knee IT band.


  • My Running and cycling load was reduced to not more than 45 minutes at easy pace.
  • Physiotherapy sessions two times a week till end of treatment. There were 4 exercises overall.
  • 9 Stretching exercises to be performed daily. ( Video Included)
  • 3 exercise to be performed on alternate day. ( Video Included)

This treatment went around for 45 days and the muscles of legs got stronger than earlier.

Below is the video related to my knee stretching exercise.

Knee strengthening exercise


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