It was my utmost wish to fly free like a bird in mountains over Himalyas and to fulfill that long awaited jump I left from Delhi to reach Bir Billing. Instead of booking bus or flight this time I booked my ride on Bla Bla Car app, it is an app which let you publish your ride and also passengers can book their rides, it is the ride publisher that decides the price of ride and its very convenient to book rides through it as mostly you travel with working professionals and got to interact with new people. We left from Punjabi Bagh metro station at 10pm and continued our journey via Delhi – Panipat – Karnal – Ambala – Khajjar – Rupnagar – Naggal – Una – Dera Gopipur- Kangra – Bir and reached at Dera Gopipur at 4am from where i got a chance to drive scooty to Kangra and boarded the bus from Kangra bus stand to Bir, the journey from Dera to Bir bus stop is very tedious as roads are narrow, but provides ample scenic

The Bus Drops you at Bir from where cab services are provided to tourists for 100/- which take them to their resorts in Bir. I reached Bir around 10 pm and stayed at Happy Home stay at Chaugan chowk and paid 500/day. On the day I reached Bir weather was rough and stormy and it rained all most during the day so I decided to be at my hotel and rested, during evening i went outside to explore the local food and market, there are lot of cafes on the way to landing site at Bir, I would recommend cafe Ilaka, Himalaya, Silver lining and Northen cafe, while the night was clear and cold i took some night shots of star trails with rum shots

Next day we left for Billing with Paragliding equipment which is 14kms from Bir and you can only go by car, it is better to book a package which cost around 2500/person , mostly the resort owners provide you with paragliding package which involves:

  • Pickup of tourist from their resort
  • Drop at Billing take off site
  • 15-20 minutes paragliding ride
  • Drop at Bir landing site
  • Drop at your resort by cab
  • Video recording via GoPro

I booked my package through PARA HIMALAYA and they provided satisfactory service as all of their equipment were in very great condition and were very punctual about time. Now it was my chance to take the jump and feel Himalayas while the air was taking me up I could feel myself departing earth and that was the time I realized what it feels to be free and that adrenaline rush didn’t wanted me to come down, it was during our half ride that my guide Harish Thakur decided to perform some stunts which made the glider swing left and right freely and in no time we landed at Bir landing site and I collected my videos and images from them and went for lunch and explored nearby markets and monasteries of which Choukling monastery is known all over the place as many disciples comes here.

while returning its better to book seat in Volvo Bus for 1500/- which starts at 6.30 pm from Bir and drops you at ISBT, New Delhi in morning, though Bir is a small town you can but every essential items are available here, alternatively you can also book a package for 3500/- which involves meals, trekking and camping in Billing.

For any queries regarding Bir-Billing contact us directly.


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