Ironman goa 2019

Many athlete are adopting a new norm by indulging in an upcoming sport in India known as Triathlon. This event compromises of swimming, cycling and running in mentioned sequential order. Though the distance covered varies according to race. Basically there are four events classified below.

Event/Distancemile/km mile/km mile/km
Full Ironman(140.6) 2.4/3.9 112/180 26.2/42.2
Half Ironman(70.3) 1.2 -1.93 50/90 13/21
International Olympic 0.93/1.5 24.8/40 6.2/10
Sprint 5/0.8 15/24 3/5

In Goa Ironman organized the half Ironman event at Miramar beach nearby to state capital Panaji. Entire event is a single day event but involves massive preparation mentally and physically by tri-athletes as well as event coordinators/volunteers.

I was introduced to the notion of triathlon race by my neighbor/brother Dhruv Mehta and since I have been dreaming to actively prepare and participate in this sport as a consequence I have started to improvise on my running skills. While browsing social media one day I came across triathlon event being held by in India, at the same moment I volunteered for the event.

My primary motto for volunteering in such event was to get a exposure as I had never been involved with such kind of event, simultaneously I was curious to know how does entire event is carried out, what kind of issues does athletes and event coordinators face, what are the rules and penalties associated to the game and to make some friends.

As we intentionally opted for volunteering we were called two days ahead of the race day where on the first day we were called at Goa convention center for briefing. While on the second day at the same venue there was opening ceremony in morning along with exhibition of bikes and accessories. By evening we were at race venue where volunteers were helping and assisting out other athletes as the final arrangements need to be done the night before race day.

I and Shaunak( ) this dude is founder of sportAlpha ,were assigned as run marshalls, while other people were in food circulation, others involved in carrying out road and marking inspection. This event was supervised under Rieta Kana( who is also an tri-athlete. While volunteers were categorized separately for swim, bike and run. I was in running category headed by India’s famous female tri-athlete . After arrangements have been carried out for the day I left with Shaunak to nearby restaurant for grabbing a beer and local Goan food.

Race Day

Race commenced on October, 20th 2019 at 7.30 am and from past two days it was raining heavily and to our surprise it was not raining today and the weather was bright and sunny. More than 700 athletes were participating and it was an amazing experience to be part of such energetic people. Race begin with a swim course of 1.9 km at Miramar beach which constituted two loops of swimming in which lead was maintained by Bishworjit Saikhom(30:50 mins) and Jane(39:02 mins) in female section.

Next the athletes need to reach the transition area and get equipped for upcoming bike ride for 90 km, the trek was planned as 3-loop of 30 km around the city. During bike ride the course was headed by Pablo(2:24 mins) and Natalie(3:08 mis)

By now all the athletes were exhausted as the day turned out to be very humid and now was the time when athletes will need to be tested on the ground as the last 21 km of race were left which need to covered on legs. I being the race marshall need to be ahead of the first male runner while Shaunak was covering the first female runner in the group.

It was a very amazing experience for me to cycle with Pablo for first 21km, he was running very confidently but not being accustomed to Indian weather he was stuck by humidity and that was the time when Indian tri-athlete Bishworjit Saikhom lead the race, by the time crowd was quite and I blew whistle a wave of shock ran among them and suddenly they see their hero running towards the finish line and start applauding for him. In this turbulent exchange of vibes and energy I respected my discipline and clinched to the dream of competing in upcoming triathlon events.

Ironman 2019 70.3 Goa After movie.


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It was great initiative by Goa government, Yoska, beyoska and Ironman70.3 to bring this culture to India. Hope to see such future events at much higher frequency in India and abroad.


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