Looking out for weekend destination less than 250 km from Delhi, Lansdowne turned to out to be a decent getaway option for a monsoon ride in Uttrakhand, this time I was travelling with my childhood neighbor Mahendra pratap chauhan (monu). As we both were excited about our outbound journey, I left from my office and reached his home at 8 pm, after that we packed our bags and hung our cycle on the rear side of jeep and left from kaushambi (U.P.) at 9.30 pm.

During night time roads are usually free and its easy to cruise on highway and around 2.30am about 21 km from Lansdowne we were stopped at police barricade as reason being due to landslide prone area ahead, all the way from Delhi to Lansdowne roads are in very good condition. While the gates will open in morning 4 am, there was possibility of encountering any wildlife as we were the first one.

As we covered the first kilometer there was an Elephant eating and pooping on the road at same time, all the engines were shut down and lights were turned to dim, well it is believed to be a good luck to encounter an Elephant in morning, but not for us.

As we reached their quite early, the dew on the leaves of tree were still about to drop and road was all wet and settled providing an excellent grip for jeep to move on, while this was a budget trip it was hard to find a room and as it is a cantonment area there is a no urbanization factor felt there.

Market and Stay

There is no rail connectivity to this jungle but it is well connected via roads, the main market, bus stand, parking and hotels are all on the road in one one place, while the other resorts can be reached via cabs or timely scheduled bus services, as we were driving ourselves we drove a little ahead and booked our stay in Jharikhal, which is 5 Km from Lansdowne, Jharikhal is a very silent place amidst the nature where clouds swiftly enters the hotel during any time of day.

By 11 in morning we had our breakfast and tea and decided to take rest and leave by noon to visit places nearby, while we ordered lunch and got ready sun came out and weather was all clear, as it is an army area there is no urbanization and very few tourist spots are there to visit, basically its just a place to stay in resort and chill. some of the places to visit are : https://www.holidify.com/places/lansdowne/sightseeing-and-things-to-do.html

First we went to Tip N Top point which is a place situated over mountain to enjoy the view as many people come here to take selfies and it also hosts local food joints to quench your thirst and hunger, while exploring other parts of Lansdowne we reached to army public school, where students were playing during evening time, so we also unmounted our bicycle and took a round nearby. Next we headed to Bhulla lake which is like a big garden, after spending some time near Bhulla lake we came to main market and bought some beverages and food and left for the hotel.

Next day after having breakfast we left from the hotel and headed back to Delhi during daytime, while returning there was slight drizzling all the way and as kawads were headed towards Gaumukh for collecting holy water there was major road blocks after Meerut.

Overall Lansdowne is secluded hill station very close to Delhi and can be reached effortlessly. It provides enormous scenic view and resorts which can be enjoyed in a day or two.


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