I took my car at Kotla market in Delhi for general service, all the mechanics there are quite experienced and mostly all the parts are available in that market or could be arranged. I talked to my mechanic a day earlier and reached there by 10:30 in morning. Its better to reach in morning as your vehicle will be entertained earlier and all the work can be finished within a day. Upon inspection it was found that break pads, shocker and shocker mounts need to be replaced.

Brake pad and Disc

This is the most usual part of service and does not require to take your car to showroom as brake pads are changed and disc is being balanced out on a machine. Disc are very costly and does not require to be changed as they do not wear out a lot. I changed both front and rear disc pad and aligned the disc. Front brake pad cost around 3800 bucks and rear around 1600 bucks while disc alignment costed 1000 bucks for all four.

New brake pad

Shocker and Shocker Mount

Another common issue in cruze is shocker breakdown as this car is quite heavy due to its enormous 2.0 turbo diesel engine. Whenever shocker goes down the ride quality of car is deteriorated and some sound can be heard when your car hits any bumps. In market shockers are available at a relatively cheap price as compared to showroom. Another important thing to change is shocker mount as this is a piece of rubber to which shocker is mounted and it takes the entire load on itself. I only changed front set of shocker and shocker mount which costed me around 5K for shockers and 3K for shocker mount.

shocker adjustment

Oil filter and Air filter

These are very basic change during service and can be changed by any mechanic and the parts are widely available in Delhi.

Lunch at Garage

During lunch time you can ask Sharif bhai and Faruk bhai for their special chicken korma which is extremely tasty.


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