Recently after general service of my car the oil cooler got broke down and due to which all the oil was lost in just within 20 KMS of driving. Oil cooler is part behind engine where engine oil and coolant flow separately but when it gets broke down all the engine oil and the coolant gets mixed due to which pipes gets coagulated and turbo looses its power and engine gets seized.

Not wasting any time I ordered a oil cooler and got it replaced, the only difficulty was in to remove the oil cooler as it placed below engine and could not be accessed easily with tools. While Oil cooler costed me around 12800 bucks and oil, coolant and service charge costed around 5000 bucks more.

There are two places in Delhi where the work can be done easily

  • Kotla market near Race course – 9910045369 – Khan uncle
  • Govind mechanic near airport metro station – 8826343132 – Govind
Old Oil Cooler
New Oil Cooler
leakage in coolant box


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