Just 170 kms away from New Delhi lies Natni ka Bara which is a part of wildlife area of Sariska Tiger reserve and had been tourist attraction for many passengers and local commuters. The water never dries up here which is used for irrigation purpose and being surrounded by mountains on both sides lead to flow of cold breeze in valley. It is very easily accessible at any time of year and is home to aquatic life including fresh water fish and 120 years old tortoises which are protected under wildlife act.

Best time to visit Natni ka Bara is during the early hours of day or during late night on full moon night, we left during 5 am from Alwar to reach there by 5.30 to see sunrise, after reaching there you can visit Hanuman temple and dont forget to carry some bread or flour to feed the aquatic animals and as there is Hanuman temple so beware of monkeys as they might snatch your mobiles or any other stuff.

After visiting the temple we started to climb up on mountains beside it, the climb was steep and requires constant efforts to reach at the top and you get a glimpse of history as it was the place where girls of local tribe used to walk over valley by tying a knot on both mountains, the act of walking over the rope came to an end when a girl lost her life while performing this act. By 9 am we descended to valley and left to Kushalgarh for its famous milk cake and kachori.


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